Rosolio di Ficodindia dell’Etna

Distilleria_sicilia_ficodindia copy

This rosolio uses prickly pear in its preparation, a fruit that arises spontaneously in the soils of the Mediterranean basin, but that in Sicily, among the “skiing” that is the volcanic rocks produced by the solidification of the lava flows, heated by the warm sun of the island, find the their natural habitat and acquire an incomparable sweetness and perfume.
These prickly pears, deprived of their thorny peel and cut into small pieces, are infused in high quality alcohol with an artisanal process that preserves aromas and fragrances. The infusion is filtered and mixed with water and sugar until it reaches an alcohol content of 25%.
The liqueur has a dark red color when the fruits are used with red pulp, or yellow-orange if the fruits are yellow flesh. It is full bodied and has a full flavor very similar to the fruit. It is excellent to combine with typical Sicilian sweets with almonds and also with fresh cheeses. It is bottled in a particular blue bottle.
Serve cold.

Alcholic degree: 25°
Capacity: 100 ml – 500 ml