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The delicious icing that smells of Sicilian mandarin, embellished with tufts of Sicilian dark chocolate, hides the secret of a naturally leavened chocolate and hazelnut panettone with a very soft heart .
A pinch of Etna honey distinguish its soft dough and then, in the center, suddenly, an explosion of smells, flavors and … emotions!
There is all the Mediterranean in the delicate cream of Zagaro, Amaro di Arance di Ribera dop and Sicilian Mandarins.

Born from the collaboration between the historic Sicilian Distillery and the young master pastry chef Marco De Natale, the Zagaro panettone was born from the dream of bringing you back to Sicily at Christmas, on an imaginary trip to the island through a unique and engaging taste experience.

The Zagaro panettone, with the uniqueness of its Amaro di Ribera dop and Sicilian Mandarins cream from the historic Sicilian Distillery, it is a triumph of marvellous smells and Mediterranean flavors that pervade the streets of the heart and bring us emotionally back to the magical places of our island …

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