Mandarinetto di Sicilia

Distilleria_sicilia_Mandarinetto nuovo

Mandarin, the typical fruit of Sicily, renowned throughout the world for its intense aroma and the sweetness of taste, is the essential ingredient of this exquisite liqueur. The mandarins are peeled by hand so as to preserve intact aromas and scents of which the skin is very rich.
The skins are infused in pure alcohol for a few days. When the infusion is ready it is filtered and completed with the addition of water and sugar in order to obtain a 30° hydroalcoholic solution.
The liqueur has a red-orange color; on the nose it shows a very penetrating mandarin fragrance; the taste is full, mellow with an intense mandarin flavor.
It is served iced in small cold glasses and is excellent as a digestive; enriches fruit salads, it is an essential component of classy cocktails and drinks.

Alcholic degree: 30°
100 ml – 200 ml – 500 ml – 700 ml – 1000 ml

Awards received

  • Best in Class – International Wine and Spirit Competition
  • Medaglia d’Oro – International Wine & Spirit Competition