Grappa dell’Etna

Distilleria_sicilia_grappa copy

It is obtained from the distillation of fermented pomace of precious grapes, ripened on the slopes of Etna in the hot Sicilian sun. The vines that combine to obtain the prized Etna Grappa are: Nerello Mascalese, Cataratto and Nerello Cappuccio.
The Nerello Cappuccio, with its good taste and pleasantly fruity aroma, grows above all in the provinces of Catania and Messina. Cataratto, an ancient Sicilian grape variety, has a good aromatic profile with slight fruity and floral notes and a taste that tends to be soft. Nerello Mascalese, with its excellent aromatic outfit and its elegance and personality, contributes to giving organicity to the whole, managing to create a distillate of great value, with a soft and harmonious taste.

Alcholic degree: 40°
100 ml – 200 ml – 500 ml – 700 ml – 1000 ml