Fuoco del Vulcano

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Born from an ancient recipe that has remained unchanged over time, Fuoco del Vulcano is an infusion of officinal herbs from the Etna area and rose petals. It is a liqueur with a high alcohol content, it is produced at 70 °.
It is a liquor of great temperament, warm and vigorous like the fire that smolders inside the Etna volcano, however it combines the fullness of taste with a pleasant and refined aroma.
It has an intense red color. Excellent as a digestive and invigorating on cold winter days. it is irreplaceable in the preparation of classy cocktails. It is also bottled in the typical bottles covered with volcanic stone by hand crafting.

Alcholic degree: 70°
Capacity: 100 ml – 200 ml – 500 ml – 700 ml