Signature Distillates

The magic of Russo Siciliano’s signature distillates comes from a loving encounter between the pomace and wine of noble Sicilian vines and our Alembic.

Through its majestic columns and delicate vacuum distillation, our historic still, which has stood in Santa Venerina for 153 years, succeeds in preserving in its distillates all the typical organoleptic characteristics of the prized grape varieties of origin.

Thus was born the exclusive “Le Siciliane” and “I Siciliani” collections.

Each grappa is defined according to its characteristics with a feminine declining adjective, the symbolic and modern character of the chosen face meets the classicism of the distillate and its bottle, in an innovative synthesis of tradition and modernity.

In the two Brandies, on the other hand, the organoleptic traits of those spirits are enhanced by associating them with the Decisive and Fascinating character of the Sicilian man.


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