Distilleria Russo at Vinitaly2023

“I Love You Sicily” is the theme that Distilleria Russo Siciliano is bringing to Vinitaly 2023 this year. What might seem like an overused or trivial topic is, instead, a real declaration of love to Sicily that the 153-year-old Santa Venerina Distillery boldly wanted to bring to Verona.

So from today until April 5, in Hall 2 Sicily, Booth 94H is waiting for you to experience a trip to Sicily. A stand that is a window to the island of the sun where snow-capped, steaming Etna towers, here where anything is possible, where snow and fire clasp each other in an embrace without annihilating but, rather, complementing each other. Next to “Muntagna” the deep blue sea and the stacks of Aci Trezza in the Land of Myth and Nature Queen. In the center is an orange tree, the fruits, the creations of Sicily, the lush Life that is born and grows in any soil and under the most varied weather conditions. All framed by Russo Siciliano’s logo set in the typical cart motif. An explosion of colors, a booth that is a small picture but only a frame for the protagonists: the Russo Sicilian specialties, facets of the unique Sicily diamond.

Six display cases, two shelves and two showcases displaying precious gems, tradition and innovation together. Alongside the most recent novelties such as: Profondo Russo, Bianconeve, Zagaro, Lunarancio and the ultra-modern latest Mixology Line, with the… Bitter and the revamped InVento, we find the Bestsellers and the historic ten Grappas and two Brandies in a completely revamped guise.

On the occasion of Vinitaly, in fact, Russo Siciliano, launches the lines: Le Siciliane and I Siciliani. Twelve distilled spirits of character, so much so that each one takes on a distinctive trait. Thus are born, or rather, reborn: Balanced, Lively, Sweet, Lovable, Harmonious, Delicate, Strong, Refined, Intriguing, Elegant, Charming, and Decisive, which we will present, as we go along, in detail.

The mixology line, on the other hand, includes four labels with strong visual and sensory impact: Eretica, Rosaelia, Colombo and Virtudi. These also deserve worthy study.

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