More than a century of passion and tradition.

Distillerie dell’Etna dei F.lli Russo, whose origins date back to 1870, stands on a pleasant hillside at the foot of Mount Etna, not far from the enchanting Ionian coast, in the town of S. Venerina (hamlet of Dagala del Re), in the province of Catania.
Through several generations it has continued and increasingly perfected the ancient art of the island’s master distillers. Recently, brothers Salvatore and Giuseppe and sons have brought considerable innovations to the family business: the new distillation plant, which uses state-of-the-art technology, has enabled them to produce, in full respect of the environment and with considerable energy savings, distillates of great value and very high quality that are competitively positioned in international markets.

Through the production of Grappas, Bitters, typical liqueurs, artisanal Rosols and Creams, the company has set itself the goal of preserving tradition, enhancing the fragrances of Sicily and expressing love for its land in the guarantee of authenticity and quality. The raw materials used (citrus fruits, herbs, various fruits), once harvested, are immediately processed using artisanal methods so as to keep their unmistakable aromas and beneficial properties intact. Thanks to its efforts, Distilleria Russo has won numerous flattering international awards in the most prestigious competitions: China Wine & Spirits Competition; Brussels Spirits Award; Alambicco d’Oro of Asti; Acquaviti d’Oro of Termeno (Bolzano); The International Wine & Spirit Competition of London; Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb of Germany.

Distillation plantSome examples: Limoncello di Sicilia, Rosolio di Cannella and Amaro di Sicilia received the gold medal in Brussels, Grappe won the Alambicco d’Oro and Acquavite d’Oro, and Cremoncelli the silver medal in London, Brussels and Germany. Gold medal in London for Mandarinetto di Sicilia, which also achieved “Best in class” status (the best in its category), and many other prestigious awards.
The company is currently the only one in all of eastern Sicily that distills its own Grappa, Brandy and Buon Gusto alcohol. It exports to most of Europe, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Australia and many other countries. Consumers know they can trust Distilleria Russo because they are sure they can count on the many years of experience and the seriousness and professionalism that have always distinguished it.

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