Distilleria dell’Etna dei F.lli Russo, whose origins date back to 1870, is the only distillery currently operating in eastern Sicily. The farm stands on a pleasant hillside at the foot of Mount Etna, not far from the enchanting Ionian coast, in the town of Santa Venerina, in the province of Catania.

Through several generations it has continued and increasingly perfected the ancient art of the island’s master distillers.


of history

Distilleria dell’Etna produces a wide range of liqueurs and spirits following simple but strict guidelines: Love for Sicily, use of certified and quality raw materials, and innovation while respecting traditions.


Over the years we have made dozens of products chasing the needs of consumers. This has allowed us today to anticipate their tastes and at the same time to structure our research on so many natural elements and their aromatic characteristics.

We have perfected the ancient art of the island’s master distillers through the production of Grappas, Brandy, Spirits, Bitters, Typical Liqueurs, Artisanal Rosols and Creams the company has set itself the goal of preserving tradition and enhancing the fragrances of Sicily, expressing love for its land and always guaranteeing authenticity and quality.

The raw materials used (citrus fruits, herbs, various fruits), once harvested, are still processed using artisanal methods so that their unmistakable aromas and beneficial properties remain intact.

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