Rosolio di Ficodindia dell’Etna

The prickly pears are typical Mediterranean plants which find in Sicily their ideal home on the ground formed by solidified lava flows. Warmed by the hot Sicilian sun, this plants achieve peerless sweetness and fragrance. The prickly pears are peeled, immersed in alcohol of high quality depending on an ancient recipe preserving their aroma. Afterwards the infusion is filtered and mixed with water and sugar to obtain a liqueur with an alcoholic strength of 25%. Its colour is deep red or yellow/orange depending on the colour of the fruits. The taste is full. It goes well with typical Sicilian almond sweets and also with fresh cheese. The rosolio is bottled in particular blue bottles. To be served chilled.

Rosolio di Ficodindia dell’Etna, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Alcohol content: 25°
Capacity: 500ml

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