Along with the products defined "typical" because of the raw materials used, the Fratelli Russo Distillery offers a wide range of hight quality "Classical Liqueurs".

These delicious Creams combine the pleasant taste of various fruits and the sweetness of cream, in a delicate harmony and in a perfect balance. They are served as a dessert.

This product line has managed to create authentic delights by recovering the old recipes of our tradition. Thanks to the traditional process of production, these liqueurs preserv their aromatic and digestive qualities.

These grappas come from vines of noble traditions, the world famouses: "Nero d'Avola", "Nerello Mascalese", "Moscato di Pantelleria". A delicated fermentation process and the distillation in copper alembics, exalt their taste and their intensive aroma.

Hot and invigorating liqueur, strong like our volcano Etna. It is made according to a very ancient recipe, by infusing officinal herbs and rose petals in absolute alcohol.

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Liqueurs perfect for the preparation of cocktails and long drinks but also for desserts, ice creams and fruit salads.

High quality soaking liqueurs for pastries, designed for gourmet and home pastry as for restaurant industry.


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